About Us

Having spent many years supplying various marketing services to the charity sector, the clever folk at Socialicity have become increasingly aware of the shrinking list of marketing avenues for charities and the need for something new for them to be able to generate donations as successfully as tele-sales and list swaps did in years gone by.

We already work with hundreds of charities with our brand ‘Kwil’ where we offer free estate planning services to people leaving a donation in their will for them.  And when we say free, we mean it; there is no charge per will, no annual fee, and it includes telephone wills as well as online wills.  We believe it’s actually the best wills partnership offering in the charity arena.


When our Payment Plan platform proved so effective in collecting smaller invoices – the ones that many companies write off – we realised that this could leverage a new type of donation to the charity sector where companies nominate their unpaid invoices to their chosen charity. 

And so, Donate-a-Debt was born, and after speaking to just a few charities, the concept was so well received, it was hard to ignore.

Donate a Debt