At last! Something new and ground breaking for the Charity Sector

Every day, companies big and small write off unpaid invoices. That’s because they become uneconomical to collect.

Instead of being written off, these invoices could be donated to your charity and the debtors given the opportunity to pay it off in instalments as a gift to your organisation.

How it works…

Sign up

Sign up to and connect it to your Stripe account.

Invite your corporate partners and local businesses to donate their unpaid invoices.
Load Invoices
Load them into your dashboard to generate a link which is given to the debtor.
Send Link
The company sends a note with the outstanding amount and the link explaining their invoice has been donated to your charity.
Invoices Paid
Invoices are paid by self-nominated  instalments, directly into your account.
Track Donations
Log into your dashboard at any time to see your donations coming in, in real-time.

What you need


A Stripe account.

Corporate patrons, partners and/or contacts

A can-do attitude

What will it cost?

stacks of invoices

There is no sign-up fee, no annual fee.

All you pay is £1.00 per transaction.

(Plus whatever Stripe charges you.)

What sort of corporate partners should I look for?

  • Any business or company that charges for a service; solicitors, IT services, printers etc
  • Wholesalers where people may have built up a bill and not paid
  • Companies that issue fines that remain uncollected


No, never, you simply receive the funds as the invoice is settled – this could be in one go, or over several payments.

Your only cost will be the processing charge form PaymentPlan, which is £1 per payment received

No, the programme will be promoted as a donation exercise, if the invoice is still outstanding after 12 months it is removed from the donate a debt programme and returns to the original owner.

No all the invoices are sent with a covering letter by the company donating.

You’re almost certainly working with local companies who will want to join already, and we can provide you with more tools to attract new companies.

Are you a business with unpaid invoices that you want to donate?

Here’s what we do for you:


We will provide you with a template to send with your donated invoices.


Please don’t send invoices that are contentious or are disputed in any way.


You won’t have to do any chasing or handle any of the money and you’ll be kept updated as to how much your charity collects.

Let us know and we’ll connect you with a charity that is using the scheme

Donate a Debt